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Looking for an outdoor adventure together with your kids, family and friends in PA? A tour in and around Allegheny River is a definite winner

Enjoying The Wilderness of Allegheny River in PA

May 19, 2014

With the weather taming down and bringing us one of the most welcomed spring and summer to look forward to, now is the perfect time to start planning a trip to Pennsylvania. If you are coming in in a large group, we strongly recommend using one of Charter Bus PA’s charter bus rental packages so that we can easily transport you from one place to another easily and affordabily. If there is one place we think you should organize a trip to this spring, it would be to Allegheny River.

Allegheny Wilderness Outfitters

6415 Pine Dr., Tionesta PA, 16353
(814) 755-3231

The name of the river, Allegheny River, quite literally means ‘best flowing river of the hills’ or ‘Beautiful stream’. It is also attributable to a long ago tribe called Allegewi who, once upon a time, took refuge along the river and the forest around it. The tribe was never found and they lived peacefully along the river until a time when a Moravian missionary named David Zeisberger located and found them. However, many continues to think of Allegheny RIver as a part of Ohio river.

Whatever the name it is given and however you wish to refer to it, it is a sight to behold.

What can you do at the river and the tours

Allegheny Wilderness Outfitters are are professional outfitters who know their way around the river and the forest around it. They will take your group around some of the most scenic routes around it where you are given the chance to take in the stunning view of nature and river wildlife like you have never before. If you are lucky, you will get the chance to catch sight of a Bald Eagle. Keep your cameras on standby and ready to shoot.

These outfitter packages often include the basic items like:-

  • kayak rental
  • canoe, extras if needed
  • paddles
  • life vest
  • light refreshments
  • transportation to and from the river and forest sites

How long will each of the trips last

Many of these companies will tell you that their trips and tours are customizable. It all depends on the number of people in your group coming in in a rental PA charter bus and what you intend to do during the tour. The trip from Tidioute lasts typically around 3 to 4 hours. However, the trip to and from Bonnie Brae can last as long as 4 to 5 hours. For lonnger trips, we strongly suggest taking the trips from Kinzua Dam which can be turned into a 3-day trip and the same can be said about the trip to and from Buckaloons.

Sit back, relax and try to be on the alert of wildlife like eales, deers, turkeys on the loose, beavers swimming along the rivers and the busy otter. Unlike a trip to the zoo, if you are bringing kids along with you, seeing these animals in their own habitat as opposed to seeing them in an enclosed area, can shed new light about these animals.

A quick charter bus rental quote from Charter Bus PA is a call or email away

If you are organizing a trip out to this outback to enjoy the outdoors of PA, you can rely on a company like Charter Bus PA to bring you the best charter bus that money can buy.