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Discover how the Amish tradition and lifestyle at Pennsylvania's The Amish Village is completely different during your visit via a charter bus

Learn More About Amish Tradition With a Visit to The Amish Village

Mar 12, 2014

When the fast paced living in a modern city is tiring you down, the best way to slow things down is to organize a small group visit to a place like Pennsylvania’s The Amish Village which is located along Route 896 which is 199, Hartman Bridge Road, Ronks, PA 17572.

What is Amish tradition?

The Amish tradition has Dutch and German roots which traces back to a close knit Christian church fellowship origins. They are known for their preference for simple living, slow adoption of modern technology and simple dressing. The Amish church also has a history relating to a group of Switzerland residents who followed the lead of Jakob Ammann who soon became known as Amish.

It was during the 18th century, a group of Amish practitioners made their way to Pennsylvania as immigrants. It was measured in 2000 that there are nearly 165,000 Amish living in the United States and about 1,500 Amish in Canada. More recent studies suggests that there are more who are unaccounted for.

Pennsylvania’s The Amish Village makes for a great place to visit with a rented charter bus because it is located a little way off the center of downtown and if you are visiting in a large group, we think that the visit is going to be more comfortable with a help of a large charter bus at your beck and call.

More about Amish Village

Take the charter bus around to the heart of Pennsylvania's Dutch Country as it will take you around to a scenic route. Take your time touring around the 12 acres worth of gorgeous scenery.

Among other things to learn about in Amish village would be:-

  • a single-room school
  • blacksmith shop
  • smokehouse
  • market
  • traditional homes
  • quaint shops and outlets

If you are lucky, you will get a personal face-to-face meeting with a real Amish school teacher who goes by the name Lydia and ask her questions about Amish education and lifestyle. There is a 25-minute guided farmhouse tour.

The tour and admission rates

Amish Village tours occur daily and takes up to 30 minutes around the Amish House Tour. There is a 15 minute break in between the half an hour tours. They take visitors around the premises on a first come first serve basis, so, be there early. They offer a Premium Package Tour which includes a special Backroads Bus Tour. Their tour is affordable:-

  • Adults - $9
  • Children - $5.50
  • Small children aged 4 and under - Free

An eye-opening Pennsylvania charter bus tour

After taking the rented charter bus around a place like Amish Village, you will know how to spot a Amish man just by looking at his hat or also find out how cell phones and solar panels fit into an Amish lifestyle and how they cope with modern chances and balance with tradition.

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