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Aug 15, 2013 - Please Touch Museum

Those who are bringing along their kids during their Philadelphia charter bus tour and travel will find it a little daunting looking around for something to do for the kids. Kids are kids....they WILL get restless. While the grownups are out shopping, visiting museums, and having a look around historical and culturally popular sites and attractions, the kids are going to be bored. All of this is only natural because kids do not understand and cannot grasp the importance of these sites of interest.

If they have been good and have behaved relatively well throughout the Philadelphia bus charter holiday or gathering, ask the driver of the rented charter bus to bring the kids around to Please Touch Museum, one of the most popular kid-friendly museums of its kind.

Please Touch Museum is located on 4231 Ave of The Republic on Fairmount Park and the bus driver should have no trouble whatsoever in trying to locate it because it is an incredibly popular attraction for the young ones. Admission for members and kids under the age of three is free of charge while the nominal admission fee for kids and grownups are $16 at this point in time. To find out more about the updated rates, please visit their official website.

On top of their regular exhibits and displays, Please Touch Museum organizes regular gatherings, events and festivals which will pique the kids’ interest in learning about new things, the world and science.

The Please Touch Museum understands and supports the fact that, for generations now, people realize that one of the fastest ways for kids to learn something a new, a new concept, is for them to play. And that is the kind of legacy that they wish to leave behind and help spread. By reaching out and lending their support to surrounding communities and through their lessons and exhibits, they hope to help each other try their level best of bring about the greatest potential in each of the children that they had the pleasure to entertain and meet.

Their main mission and vision continues to be to play, learn and grow...and while we are at it, the Please Touch Museum will be supportive of that. For those of you who have heard of the museum and have it in your plans to make a quick Philadelphia bus charter stop at this amazing tourist attraction, please bear in mind that the museum have moved to a new location. Please ensure that the bus charter driver knows that the new location is now at Fairmount Park.

In the meantime, for those of you who are heading over in a large group, please do get in touch with Charter Bus PA after perusing through our bus gallery page so that we can provide you with the best bus for the occasion and group.