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Oct 2, 2013 - Tasting and Tours around Buck County, Pennsylvania

After a daunting work day, sometimes all we need to invigorate ourselves is to take ourselves away from everyday stress and indulge in a tasty tour like the ones that they have in the outskirts of Pennsylvania. One such tour would be the Tasting and Tours of Bucks County in New Hope Pennsylvania. You can head over with your large group of friends and family members during the weekend with our charter bus PA packages if you want to make the most of your time. The charter bus drivers are well-trained and are incredibly friendly and they might even share some of their own personal stories with you on your way to the destination.

This charter bus PA tour is quite unlike any other that you may have been on for one good reason...the tour guides are willing to accommodate your preferences (or needs) if you have a particular preference in terms of the wineries and breweries that you wish to visit on that day. The flexibility lets you have a hand in deciding on the kind of tour you will have with your family and friends. The guide will also personally recommend some great places for you if you are not familiar with Bucks County...and we can’t blame you.

The tour is a very care-free tour around the famous local breweries and wineries which have been serving fantastic drinks for decades. Some are inherited from generations ago, so, they have their own friendly and charming appeal. You do not get to see this in other more conventional breweries, this much we can tell you. The thing with visiting this tour is that once you arrive at the destination in our charter bus PA vehicle, the tour guides will organize the transportation depending on the size of your group. Your role in the tour is to sit back, relax and enjoy every single minute of it. Sounds like an amazing deal, doesn’t it?

The reason why they are able to offer such amazing deals and pricing to charter bus PA visitors is because they have developed a friendly partnership with most of the breweries and wineries around the area and based on this partnership, the savings are passed on to visitors like you.

While they remain flexible on most issues, there is a small requirement of four people per tours and if the group is smaller than three people, it is possible for them to cancel the tour and refund the fees to the customers. We completely understand it if you wish to be picked up by the tour guide in a more convenient location (other than those they have listed down in their brochure and website), it is to be understood that a standard fee will be charged to the customer if they wish to be picked up from a different location.

We hope you will put some thought into making the tour soon in the near future.