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There are a number of fun things to do in PA, many of which center on PA sightseeing and outdoor activities. Deciding when to go and what to see in PA is a big part of planning a charter bus PA trip. The events can add to the charm of a charter bus PA trip. From historical events, to events in Pennsylvania celebrating regular life in or Pennsylvania festivals will show you some of the different types of celebrations throughout the year. As shown in the famous movie of the same name, Groundhog Day is an important part of life in PA for many natives. Each spring in the town of Punxsutawney, PA the entire town gets together for 4 days of eating, taking hay rides, showcasing art and finding out whether or not winter is coming to a close or plans to wrap itself up and give way to spring. Visiting PA and enjoying Groundhog Day, is one of the most historic events in PA. Each year on Christmas Day, locals and travelers gather for one of the most historical events in PA; a reenactment of Washington crossing the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War. It is an event like none other you have ever been apart of.

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Nov 20, 2013 - GoggleWorks Center of Art Part of Rejuvenation Plan for Reading PA

At a quick glance, we first thought that we were bringing the entire charter bus PA travelers to a place to watch how Google works...as in Google the large internet search engine company. It didn’t dampen our mood when we were told that GogggleWorks Center for Arts is an art exhibition and museum. What we found heart-warming was the fact that most of the staff running GoggleWorks started off as volunteers who chaperoned and supported artistes works. The building itself is huge because it used to be one of the largest goggle making factories in the country. Manufacturers moved out of the expansive building and today, we have a first rate art center.

Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, the art exhibition center have been used as a gathering venue for many art-related events and festivals. It has everything one would need for art events. But GoggleWorks have expanded the type of art that they hold which now includes a world-class IMAX theatre across the art studio and a smaller indie movie theatre on the first floor. If you have the time, we suggest going when a movie is showing so that you can spend a couple of hours watching an indie movie that you will not find anywhere else in a conventional cinema. The list of movies showing in the IMAX was also quite impressive.

The current staff working behind the scene at GoggleWorks Art Center are extremely talented and experienced because most of them have decades of experience working in arts, culture, planning and capital development.

Going through GoggleWorks’ timeline, you will learn about how GoggleWorks was founded, who inspired it, managed and organized the events and how the support from these people kept the art scene in Reading PA alive.

During our bus charter PA visit, we were also told first hand that GoggleWorks and much of the city block of one hundred and forty five thousand square feet of space is a part of Reading’s rejuvenation plan. It was an interesting concept taken to a whole new level that forms a large part of the city’s future plans.

But that isn’t what made the bus charter PA visit so interesting. On every second Sunday of the month, the artists will be there for a (sort of) meet and greet sessions. On these days, you get to interact with and ask the artists what went through their minds when they were producing a particular piece of art. Their answers, as they free share with visitors, are usually astounding.

So, if you are in Reading PA soon, find some time to visit GoggleWorks Center for Arts - a truly rejuvenating experience.


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